Anna lotan Barbados Mineral Cleansing Gel

By | January 7, 2020


Prominent treatment history Israel’s most precious Dead Sea black mud
oil control pores to improve rough muscles

Barbados Mineral Cleansing Gel. Makes skin more transparent and firm, delays the aging phenomenon,
mild, foam-rich mineral cleansing gel, is an ideal daily cleansing product for oily and combination skin. Dead sea mud rich in natural minerals, which supplements the skin with zinc that can regulate cell growth, calcium that deeply cleans pores, and sodium that exfoliates the skin to make it more transparent, balances oils, improves roughness and firmes skin; β-gluten Sterols can strengthen the skin’s own resistance and prevent severe allergic reactions; Vitamin E can delay the aging of cells, and with the moisturizing ingredient Shea Butter containing unsaturated fatty acids and squalene, the highly osmotic ingredient, keep the skin clean Moist.

Suitable for skin :

Sensitive, oily, combination skin types


Take an appropriate amount of cleansing gel on wet skin, avoid water around the eyes, massage with water until foaming occurs, and rinse thoroughly with water.

About Anna lotan

Founded by Ms. Anna Lotan, it has been established for more than 40 years, and has gradually developed into a world-renowned brand with a great reputation and historical status. It has been established in more than 30 countries and has always adhered to the same brand philosophy:

“The product should blend with the skin metabolism cycle, meet the needs of different skins in a targeted manner, and respect and cooperate with the skin as an external protection mechanism and function.”

It combines the founder’s rich experience in beauty teaching over the past 50 years and his experience as a therapist, and promotes and shares through brand products. In order to implement the concept, ANNA LOTAN always insists on using the purest and active natural ingredients, and strives to reduce the use of chemical preservatives and emulsifiers to determine products, providing mild nature, animal ingredients-free, no harm to the environment, Continuous growth