Jean d’Estrees Versatile Stem Cell Serum

By | January 7, 2020


Famous French skincare brand Jean d’Estrees

“ Totipotent Stem Cell Essence ” induces extraordinary scientific research results
to inject new power into every inch of skin cells and
awaken youthful vitality

The term “ageing” is mainly related to the living environment, metabolism and eating habits of the living. In this busy Hong Kong city, “speed” is bound to become one of the elements of “ageing”, which means that the tight pace of life will lead people to age earlier.

French well-known skincare brand Jean d’Estrees has launched a brand-new “Almighty Stem Cell Essence Cream” and “Almighty Stem Cell Essence” with superb scientific research and beauty results. The strong primary cells are regenerated, so that the skin can regain its tightness and detail, effectively and quickly remove the wrinkles, make the skin smooth and tender and regenerate again, and immediately restore the youthful and bright skin.

The new “Totipotent Stem Cell Essence Cream” and “Totipotent Stem Cell Essence” both have outstanding anti-ageing effects. The two-pronged approach can make the skin calmly face the impact of the years, leaving no traces in the years, regaining the young and smooth skin, and restore once confidence.

Ingredients and advantages:

  • Both contain premium effects ─ Cellprotect-6 and Regener +

    -Cellprotect-6 helps achieve perfect, smooth, plump, flawless and perfect skin

    -Regener +: This precious ingredient comes from the microalgae in the Sahara Desert in Africa, which can effectively and completely remove cytotoxins, regenerate and regenerate the skin, and restore skin to youthfulness and whiteness


  • “Totipotent Stem Cell Essence”: effectively terminates the ageing signal, keeps the life cycle of the cell at its peak for a long time, and regularly reproduces healthy new cells, making the skin tender and fresh at any time, perfect and flawless


  • “Totipotent Stem Cell Essence Cream”: It can reproduce strong new cells and effectively eliminate and hinder the skin’s new toxins. It can awaken youthful vitality and make the skin healthy and bright.


After cleansing the skin every morning and night, apply an appropriate amount to the face and neck skin. Essence cream can be used alone or combined with totipotent stem cell essence to double the effect.